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What can CareerCoach  offer you?



Deep assessment of individual career aspirations, attitudes, and energy in the blink of an eye with a new generation of evidence-based scientific tools.


Raise awareness and stimulate intrinsic action with coaching & onboarding based on analytical insights that cut straight to the point


Stimulate an emancipated dialogue with an integrated talent management for an engaged workforce based on behavior indicators.


Achieve sustainable results by continuously leveraging people's aspirations, attitudes and drive to their and your organization's benefit

Why career management requires a new model today 

Traditional careers are a thing of the past. No longer do we progress along a singular line in our careers. Being forced to choose a promotion or the same monotony until retirement. Careers have entered a new age. We are now given the freedom to change jobs in order to reboot our personal drive. However, this requires you to have a mentality of self-management with your career. We aim to give you the strength and ability to take charge or your career.

Building a network to achieve our mission...

CareerCoach® strives to continuously increase the quality and impact of professional career management practice. To this end, we combine strengths with top-tier complementary partners. Do you have any suggestions or want to become part of the qualitative career coaching network? We are curious to hear from you!


I have successfully applied the Career Fitness Profiler in organizations that want to allow their employees the chance to think about their professional future.
The results have been outright positive for all who were involved.

Anita Cooman, Career Coach at Het Loopbaanhuis

The Career Fitness Profiler is a no-nonsense, straightforward and effective tool which successfully helped me in finding the next move in my career.
Thanks for that!

Anneleen Vanlommel, Customer Strategy Consultant at Onestone

Our coaches find that the use of the Career Fitness Profiler allows them to have more in-depth sessions with the trainees and make the coachees more conscious of the contemporary career context compared to the period prior to CareerCoach®.

Luc Vermeulen, Talent Development Manager at Ormit

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The free Career Fitness Profiler can be ordered for professional purposes only. We reserve the right to refuse or revoke this free trial or to ask you for additional information. When completing this form you consent that your information will be included in our database and that you may be contacted by CareerCoach® to discuss the results or to set up an appointment.

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