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CareerCoach® was founded because we believe that individuals, organizations, and society as a whole profit from sustainable careers. By applying evidence-based knowledge and our extensive experience on the terrain, we provide an offering for career management 2.0. We are your partner of choice if you want:

  • an empowered career dialogue in your organization,

  • evidence-based tools for your talent and career development processes

  • to pilot innovative solutions for future-proof career management processes. 

Meet the Team

Lesley Vanleke

At CareerCoach® it is my role to keep in close contact with professionals who are concerned with the concrete challenges to which careers are the underlying theme:

  • employability

  • mobility

  • well-being

I search to understand all different aspects of their challenges and needs. I strive to be a sounding board and bring about connections that deliver added value for all parties concerned.

It is my ambition to facilitate emancipated dialogues between organizations and their individual employees to ensure win win situations in the long run.
tel +32 (0)478 51 96 66

Wouter VanBockhaven

At CareerCoach®, I am responsible for technology, new product development, and strategic oversight. Having seen the Career Fitness Profiler grow into the market-leading analytics tool for career coaching and development, it is my ambition to keep building a new generation of evidence-based career and talent management analytics.

Ultimately, we strive to be the enablers of empowered career dialogues, for people and organizations in flow. The tools I create support this goal by providing a shared vocabulary and deep behavioral forecasting insight for our corporate clients and their talented employees.
tel: +32 (0)473 80 65 90

Sarah Tijskens

At CareerCoach® Network, I’m responsible for providing tailor-made business solutions to HR Professionals involved in career coaching. I challenge contacts across different organizations in rethinking their vision on careers.  Through a thorough understanding of the HR needs of an organization, I am responsible for matching those with the CareerCoach®offerings.


As an experienced career broker, I worked for over ten years with organizations across different sectors as well as with individuals coming from every possible background. This provided me with a strong insight into the organizational needs as well as in the individual perspective of the employee. It is my ambition to bring these two together in a good understanding, and this with a result driven focus

tel: +32 (0)485 07 33 18

Yvon Golbach

At CareerCoach® I work predominantly with our Dutch professionals and customers. Specifically, those who work in the field of career management and are focused on the challenges present in sustainable employability, talent management, mobility, and employee health & wellbeing.


It is my professional ambition to help employees thrive sustainably within the workplace and keep doing so over the span of their careers; maintaining the highest levels of performance and engagement throughout without sacrificing individual health and happiness.  CareerCoach® helps me do exactly that. We encourage validated and evidence-based conversations that allow individuals to express their long-term career values while also maintaining an organization’s need for the right resources.
tel: +31 (0)613 94 92 93

Anna-Elisa Van der Vloet

At CareerCoach I am responsible for product quality control and product development. It is my goal to assure the optimal quality of our solutions and to create new evidence-based career analytics. Inspired by the impact of our interactions with our environment on our health, productivity, and happiness, I mainly focus on finding, improving and maintaining a good fit between people and organizations. Ultimately I want to facilitate emancipated, ongoing and future-oriented conversations between employees and organizations by creating a shared language.

tel: +32 (0)477 333 151

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