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Talent Forecasting for the Financial Sector

Talent Management for the Financial Sector

The financial sector is in full digital transformation. There is not only the question of how to attract digital natives and keeping them motivated. Also the reskilling of the existing population becomes an ever returning concern. Who can keep up and who is at risk? Employees need to do their part and take responsibility of their own careers. How can you get them to take action?


Our Software Reviews Talent for You

What if you would have a solution that would lay it all out for you? The Talent Review Profiler guarantees:

  • Fast and efficient data collection

  • Scientifically validated risk and potential analysis on both organizational and individual level

  • Clear view on aspirations and motivation of individual employees

  • Evidence-based custom proposed actions for every individual employee


Happy Clients

Hilde Willems, Talent Fit Manager
at Janssen Pharmaceutica Belgium

“Our collaboration with CareerCoach® is a true partnership that has allowed us to innovate and integrate recent research in our practice."

Morgane Meulemans, Head of Career Center at B-Post

"With the help of CareerCoach® we are able to gain deep insights into risks, potential and the motivations of our staff.”

Luc Vermeulen, Talent Development Manager at Ormit

“The future-oriented focus of the CareerCoach® tooling helps us to truly have an impact on the development of our young potentials."


Why Should you Choose CareerCoach ?



Because the individual employee holds the power to make career decisions that impact your organization.


Because a diagnosis 

alone does not cut it, you want to answer the "So what?" question.


Because you do not want to base important decisions on horoscopes or tarot cards.


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Lesley Vanleke is a psychologist with more than 20 years of experience in HR. She is concerned about issues like employability, mobility, and well-being, all of which have to do with the larger theme of careers. Since 2014, she is a partner to her clients in talent management and in the development of self-management in the career.


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