CareerCoach  Certification Training


For Whom?
  • Career coaches, personal, life- & executive coaches looking for an evidence-based tool that provides depth, fast insight (and structure) in the early stages of a coaching trajectory focused on orientation and prioritization of development points.

  • Outplacers interested not just in finding a new job for their clients, but in giving them self-insight, direction and handles to take action in their further personal development as well. 

  • HR-specialists looking for an analytics-based solution for internal change, mobility, and employability that goes beyond engagement surveys and drives action. 

Goals for Training​

After the training you

  • have a broader view on contemporary career management and you understand how contemporary careers differ from the more traditional ones

  • have a clear view on how to tune talent- and career management practices to contemporary challenges

  • know the frameworks and scientific models that are at the base of Career Fitness Profiler 

  • know how to interpret the different reports of the Career Fitness Profiler

  • capable of giving feedback based on the Career Fitness Profiler to the respondent or client 

  • have a number of development tips at your disposal for your coachees

  • are inspired on how to use the Career Fitness Profiler in your daily practice

Day 1
  • Changing career context

  • The traditional career versus the contemporary career

  • Subjective career success: theory + exercises

  • Career attitudes: theory + exercises

  • Energy-stress balance: theory + exercises

Day 2
  • Exercises on interpretation

  • Validity and reliability

  • Exercises on feedback

  • How to use the Career Fitness Profiler in daily practices

Day 3
  • Structured based on questions the participants have prepared

  • Certification test (2 hours)

Practical Information
  • Trainer: Lesley Vanleke

  • Location: Breda

  • Language: Dutch, English*, French*    (*: possible, if there are sufficient participants)

  • Timing: 33 hours (up to 45 hours including optional exercises)

  • 2 days  (7 hours each + homework 9 hours)

  • 1 extra day after a couple of weeks

Dates and hours of the next session
  • Dates: Spring 2018 

  • Exact days to be determined.

  • 2700 € per person (in-company pricing available)


  • The training is licensed by KMO-portefeuille and FOREM

  • Participants receive 2 free credits to try out the instrument on real coachees of their choice

  • Catering included

  • Participants who successfully terminate the training receive a certificate 

Join the 100+ experienced coaches who've already taken the step to Career Coaching 2.0!

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