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December 4th: Discover Career Fitness

On December 4th we held an event to showcase the new concept of Career Fitness. We had a nice time sharing this concept with those who attended and hope that the speakers inspired you. We had such a great time talking with all of you and we hope you enjoyed your present from Sinterklaas.

Upcoming Event: Discover Career Fitness ​

Three reasons why should be there on December 4th!


Get inspired on how to balance the organizational and individual perspective on career development.


Discover concrete tools and approaches to apply in your organization.


Learn from Janssen Pharmaceutica, the best in class!

New publication: How to make onboarding a true lever for engagement ​

Wouter Van Bockhavens' keynote at the Recruitment Day in Louvain la Neuve found its way to the French edition of HR Square.

New refresher day: an organizational view on potential

Three reasons why YOU should be so upset that you weren't there on November 27th:

  1. Besides for those of us, at least the ladies amongst us, who had a crush on Michael J. Fox in the 80's, all of us are also eager to learn about how we look at potential in the current employability context. 

  2. New features of release 2.0 and the Career Fitness Profiler were explained in depth.

  3. As always, time was devoted to intervision and the discussion of profiles you'd like to share.

Ensure a Healthier Career

Do you see ...

Employees, who gradually lose contact with the organization? Top performers leaving the organization? Employees, who regularly disengage from projects? Does your organization have solutions for these problems? Come to our workshop on November 16, 2017! For managers, coaches and HR professionals from the welfare and health sector

CareerCoach® and KaapZ at Proeverij zelfsturing en leiderschap

Together with Tom Eekelder from KaapZ we had a great simulation game workshop on the impact of self directedness and leadership on people's positive psychological capital. The latter predicts individual and team performance and wellbeing, as the participants got to experience. After being divided in one team that could self-organize and another that had to work in a functionally specialized way, the second group's psychological capital dropped significantly after the exercise! 

CareerCoach® at Recruitment Day 2017

Just like last year, we hosted a workshop at the recruitment day 2017 in Louvain-La-Neuve, organized by In a day packed with insights on recruitment tools, issues and novelties we focused on how cultural fit is the key to successful onboarding. See you next year!​

CareerCoach® Refresher Day: The dark side of engagement
"Deep dive into advanced CareerCoach interpretation
& into the dark side of careers"

This was the 2nd Refresher and Intervision day for certified CareerCoach® coaches, which looked into the negative effects of engagement and calling. Jesse Segers was our host for a practical hands-on session back on June 1st.

CareerCoach® @ SXSW 2017: Launch of our new product 'Career Fitness Profile' 
"Have you checked up on your career fitness lately?"

At last year's SXSW interactive conference (attended by about 75.000 people in 8 days), launched our new product, premiering in the North American market. The Career Fitness Profiler will be the first complete career self-development package combining our unique CareerCoach Career Fitness Profile with an online coaching package by premium career psychologists.

  • Workshop title: Personal career management for self-realization

  • Date: March 13th, 2017

  • Timing: 9.30 - 12.30 AM (CST)

  • Location: Westin - Paramount 3, Austin (TX)

CareerCoach® Workshop: Careers 3.0 in Financial Services
"Career Management in disruptive times
for the banking & insurance industry"

In November 2016 we've organized two sessions on career management in the financial sector. There was room for presentation of new insights and dialogue.  


Were you unable to attend? We are glad to share the content and the harvest of the dialogue with you.

CareerCoach® at VDAB day of mandated career coaches 2016

On April 29th 2016 VDAB organized an event with workshops and information sessions for all mandated VDAB coaches. We were invited to present our CareerCoach® tool.

CareerCoach® at Recruitment Day 2016

Just like last year, we hosted a workshop at the recruitment day 2016 in Louvain-La-Neuve, organized by In a day packed with insights on recruitment tools, issues and novelties were focused on onboarding based on person-organization fit in terms of values and attitudes and how it helps turn high-potential candidates into high-performing employees. See you at the next one! 

CareerCoach® at "Dag van de Social Profit"

Lesley has given a workshop on contemporary careers and self-management. This workshop had a wide spectrum of representatives in the Social Profit industry.


This session was an inspired discussion of our general framework and how to apply it. The day was filled with spirited discussion and deep insights.

If you would like a free trial of the Career Fitness Profiler or information about our solutions and certification training, please leave your contact information here and mention your request in the message box. 

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