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The University of Antwerp is a young, dynamic and future-oriented institution ranked #13 of global young universities. The University of Antwerp develops, shares and disseminates scientific knowledge through research, education and service to society in a spirit of academic freedom and responsibility

CareerCoach® is a University of Antwerp spin-off, and both continue ongoing lines of collaboration with each other for e.g., the further development and validation of new tools and models and occasional collaborations with the Tech Transfer office on events or projects that mutually benefit both parties.

Thalento®  Online Talent Management Solutions is a leading global provider of cloud/SaaS-based e-Assessment & Talent Management solutions.
Our results-driven applications and tools deliver real-time answers to Selection, Retention, Succession, Competency Management, and Talent challenges.

CareerCoach® and Thalento® collaborate intensively to provide our scientifically validated tools with the advanced visualization and user experience, as well as the efficiency, customizability and seamless integration of the cloud-based Thalento® platform. Together, we continue to build toward the most comprehensive and sophisticated analytics based talent and career management offering platform in the market.

The Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (a fusion of the former IWT and Agentschap Ondernemen) is the institutional partner supporting innovation projects, entrepreneurial education and the overall stimulation of an entrepreneurial climate in Flanders. 

CareerCoach® collaborates with the agency for the accreditation and financial support of our coach trainings, as well as for advice and financial support of our internal research and development projects to further extend and strengthen our offering. 

Our Network of Coaches

All coaches who work independently with our scientific CareerCoach® tools must be certified by us. As this certification is an intensive development opportunity for our coaches and because it requires a substantial investment from them, we notice that mainly high quality-seeking coaches are drawn to the program. 


Through this preselection, through the intensive training and by offering continuous additional resources, we guarantee the quality of all our coaches. Below you can find an overview of our preferred partners per region.

If you would like a free trial of the Career Fitness Profiler or information about our solutions and certification training, please leave your contact information here and mention your request in the message box. 

The free Career Fitness Profiler can be ordered for professional purposes only. We reserve the right to refuse or revoke this free trial or to ask you for additional information. When completing this form you consent that your information will be included in our database and that you may be contacted by CareerCoach® to discuss the results or to set up an appointment.

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