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Het Loopbaanhuis

December 9, 2014


Het Loopbaanhuis offers career coaching to people who are looking for a new professional challenge or a new balance in some way. Target is to find the most efficient path towards a next career step or a new direction in the career that gives fulfilment.


My 20 years of experience in the field of career coaching have convinced me that everybody has the strength to take charge of their own career. It is my role to provide my client with qualitative programs that allow them to take action towards a gratifying career.


The time I get to spend with coachees is usually limited, so quality comes down to being able to quickly understand the issues that are at the root of the current tensions my clients are experiencing and finding ways to make coachees conscious of what is at play. The CareerCoach® questionnaire allows me to do just that.


Since I’ve been certified to work with the CareerCoach® questionnaire I have made it one of the focal points in the offering of het Loopbaanhuis.


The report of the CareerCoach® questionnaire is elaborate and the results are clearly depicted, which makes it easier for the coachee to understand the feedback.


CareerCoach® differs from other instruments in the sense that it measures the career management attitudes that allow people to be self-managing in their career and create their own career opportunities. Allowing people to understand what self-management is about and applying this to their own situation is a revelation every time.


The coachee also receives a clear image of the energy-stress balance in his or her current situation. Sometimes this can be quite confrontational. An often heard remark is: “In my heart, I knew what was going on. Seeing my situation spelled out so clearly to me is an eye-opener. Now I am going to take action.”  The first step towards a more gratifying professional situation is taken at that point.


In short, integrating the CareerCoach® questionnaire in my practice saves me time in terms of ‘diagnosis’ and allows me to not only spend more time with my client on the actual work that has to be done, but also in deepening the meaningful dialogue that we can have together. Furthermore, the CareerCoach® helps me to take the client towards action.


Finally I want to point out that I have successfully applied the CareerCoach® questionnaire in organizations that want to, within the larger framework of their talent and career management practices, allow their employees the chance to think about their professional future. The results have been outright positive for all parties involved.