The Career Analytics Company


December 19, 2014


ORMIT specializes in talent and leadership development. We support organizations in the detection, deployment and retention of talent. We do this by setting up unique traineeships focusing on learning-on-the-job while delivering projects for our customers. We provide intense coaching in order to develop personal leadership and all other capabilities within our trainees.


During the 26 months that our trainees are with us, we provide them with a diversity of reflection moments, feedback sessions and experiences. The goal is that coachees, out of the different building blocks they’ve discovered, build a coherent vision of what they are going to do professionally after their period with us.


In 2014 we felt that for some of the coachees, the exercise of putting all these different impressions together was not an easy one. We were looking for a solution that would allow us to facilitate this process for our trainees.


Since the last quarter of 2014, we successfully integrated the CareerCoach® questionnaire in our development programs. The questionnaire offers a holistic view on the different aspects of the career of our coachees. We experience that during the feedback sessions based on the report, our trainees manage to integrate the different aspects of themselves they have discovered during our time with us.


Our trainees are at the start of their careers. By reflecting on the feedback offered in the CareerCoach® report, they learn to ask the right questions when a job-offer comes along. Also, they understand which attitudes they can develop to be truly self-managing their careers rather than accepting the first job-offer that comes along. In other words, the CareerCoach® feedback moves them to undertake concrete actions towards a truly inspiring career.


Our coaches find that the use of the CareerCoach® report allows them to have more in-depth sessions with the trainees and make the coachees more conscious of the contemporary career context compared to the period prior to CareerCoach®.

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