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April 14, 2017


As a consultant, I was contacted by the HR department of a company in the social sector.

Recently there were a number of tensions within the team of directors. There seemed to be some confusion in terms of responsibilities of the team members and expectations they were having towards each other.

The initial question was that a 360° evaluation of the general director was to be organized.  I was not in favor of such an approach, as I feared it would set the team off in reliving the past and energy draining discussions.


My approach was to take people’s strengths as a starting point and to keep the focus on the future. Also, I thought it would be useful if every member of the team could do some reflecting on their own role in the team and share these reflections with the others.


I chose to work with CareerCoach® as a starting point for the team coaching for 3 reasons:

  1. I wanted to see how much energy people in the team still had, since they had been stuck in a straining situation for some time.

  2. I knew that the career values would shed some light on which person should take up what role within the team to fit with his or her strengths.

  3. More on the long term the reports would serve as a development tool.

Every member of the director’s team filled out the questionnaire and took the time for a thorough debrief, which allowed people to reflect on their careers. Armed with new insights and high hopes that the team could work things out together, the group engaged in a fruitful discussion. Roles were clarified to fit every individual’s values and strengths to the satisfaction of all.


Mission accomplished!


Looking back, I feel that the CareerCoach® questionnaire was a great help for me to find out the tensions in the team and it helped me to define an approach for the group session.

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