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Do any of these seem familiar:

  • You are aware that the data supporting your talent risk & potential analysis are subjective and biased

  • Key talents take unexpected career decisions by lack of knowledge about their aspirations

  • You are uncertain about the best possible action to take in the development of a specific individual talent

The Talent Review Profiler offers you

  • Fast and efficient data collection

  • Scientifically validated risk and potential analysis on both an organizational and individual level

  • Clear and evidence-based view on aspirations and motivation of individual talents

  • Custom proposed actions for every individual talent

How do we do it?

  • Through a survey on the powerful Thalento® SaaS platform, we collect data from both managers and employees discussed in the Talent Review

  • We use scientifically validated scales

  • We deliver a dashboard for an organizational overview

  • We deliver drill down management reports on every individual

  • We deliver an individual feedback report for every respondent

Need some support on the process side of Talent Review? We can put you into contact with our consulting partners to help you develop a state-of-the-art Talent Review Process.

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