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The Career Fitness Profiler is a no-nonsense, straightforward and effective tool which successfully helped me in finding the next move in my career.
Thanks for that!

Anneleen Vanlommel, Customer Strategy Consultant, Onestone

In my professional practice as a career coach and outplacer, I use the Career Fitness Profiler.
Now I have a tool that supports or falsifies my hypotheses and presumptions and also offers me development points to integrate in the sessions with my clients.

An Nackom, Eclips Consult

The Career Fitness Profiler report was a real eye-opener to me.
The feedback I received from Lesley Vanleke has radically changed my life for the better. 

Peter Vandevivere, Interim Manager

The questionnaire and the feedback made me realize that I was ready, that I needed to make a step away from the perceived stability, the well paid job towards the unknown.
Today I am a business owner with two employees on the payroll.

Bart Muskala, True North

I have successfully applied the Career Fitness Profiler in organizations that want to, within the larger framework of their talent and career management practices, allow their employees the chance to think about their professional future.
The results have been outright positive for all who were involved.

Anita Cooman, Het Loopbaanhuis

Our coaches find that the use of the Career Fitness Profiler allows them to have more in-depth sessions with the trainees and make the coachees more conscious of the contemporary career context compared to the period prior to the Career Fitness Profiler.

Luc Vermeulen, Ormit

The Career Fitness Profiler really takes the individual as a starting point. What is important to him or her, what drives the person and how can he or she manage the career differently? I have never come across an instrument that offers such a holistic view in such a meaningful way.  

Mirya Pollmann, Linkpower

The Career Fitness Profiler offers a good synthesis for understanding the career path taken so far and helps to take or prepare the next move. Knowing my own strengths and weaknesses, motivators and pitfalls is the best basis for moving forward. The constructive way Lesley used the results in our dialogue certainly helped me to move forward in an integer way.

Miek Vercouteren, Independent Consultant and Interim Manager

In my coaching practice, the Career Fitness Profiler allows the coachee to get to the core of the tensions he or she experiences in the career. The strong visuals in the report move the coachee to action and development.

Katrien Nuyts, Independent Certified Coach, Consultant & Trainer

Based on the scientific insights concerning contemporary careers, CareerCoach® has conducted workshops which have permitted our employees, managers and HR collaborators to engage in a dialogue concerning contemporary careers, connecting people and raising awareness.

Hilde Willems, Talent Fit Manager at Janssen Pharmaceutica

I successfully use the Career Fitness Profiler in assessment. In a "classic assessment center", the required level of competence for the role in question is examined. By using the Career Fitness Profiler in the assessment center, an in-depth insight is created in the career outlook of the participant, which provides a fundamental added value in drawing up the professional development plan.

Frank Manesse, Executive Coach at INSEAD Executive Education

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