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From Workshops to Co-Creation

Do you want to build career development 2.0 practices within your organization?

Starting the dialogue is the first step


CareerCoach® can help you by starting the dialogue through a short workshop or a full-blown co-creative process.


Workshops are great for:

  • Raising awareness of the reality of contemporary careers

  • Raising consciousness of individual development needs of the participating employees

  • Starting up the dialogue defining priorities concerning work and careers within your organization

  • Finding out who are the energizers and brokers for developing career development 2.0 in your organization


Workshops are custom designed for all sorts of target groups, like management,  a mix of employees, participants of a development program, the HR team...


The content of the workshops is based on scientific research.


The duration can be from 1 hour to a whole day.

The Co-creative process

As the reality of careers has changed drastically, both your employees and your organization have to adapt. Building good practices for career development 2.0 will work best if you include all stakeholders.


Together with you, CareerCoach® builds a process that includes all stakeholders, and provides answers to the following questions:


  • How do we look at careers within our organization?

  • What is the career deal we can offer within our organization?

  • Who takes on what role in the career development process?

Pilot programs for career development 2.0

Do you want to try out new processes or tools for career development of talent management? CareerCoach® offers expertise and delivery for running a great pilot.

Examples of pilots:

  • Integrating the individual perspective in the talent review process

  • Integrating the individual perspective in development- or assessment centers

  • Building a career module into a development program for high potentials

  • Integrating the individual perspective in onboarding programs

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